I am here to help, and not here to sell you anything. Now, we have put that out of the way, let get to work.

What kind of business are you tiring to start online. That is the first question that you should ask, so you know where to start your setup of  your new business. If it is established on a local basis and you want to take it online, then you must ask some of the same questions.

You say, I want to make money online. Fine, then let take a look at what it will take. One thing that I have found, ( myself included) that we get caught up in the technical stuff and getting around to publishing something online is not happening.

To prevent that, I will be here to take you through a step by step process, to help you out. In the mean time I have some places to get you going, and they will build the site for you and that will make  your adventure a bit shorter. But I must advise you that even with that help it will still take work. Here is the Link to start getting set up.  Go Here


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